Inside Cigarette by Shane Rascal

Inside Cigarette
Shane Rascal

Shane Rascal says:

Okay, veryone knows what risk will always been taken by smoker. Yes, it is...high risk of dying. This design to remind smokers to stop smoking now. In this, I've turned something dangerous into adorable.


  • Shane Rascal

    Shane Rascal on 10 months ago:

    Hey guys, this my latest submission to RekaTee and now is up for scoring! Hope my design works make your day!! enjoy XD

  • Shane Rascal

    Shane Rascal on 10 months ago:

    If you don't mind, please spend a few minutes on my fansite:

  • Lamma Peluza

    Lamma Peluza on 10 months ago:


  • Umi Nazrah

    Umi Nazrah on 10 months ago:

    wish i can give this tee to some smokers XD

  • Haqimmi Hakiem

    Haqimmi Hakiem on 10 months ago:

    super cool! 3$

  • Shane Rascal

    Shane Rascal on 10 months ago:

    Lamma Peluza: Thanks~

    Umi Nazrah: Sure you will get the design for them very soon!!

    Haqimmi Hakiem: Thanks for your lovely vote!!

    Don't forget to keep up-to-date of my design on Facebook:

  • Run Aziluz

    Run Aziluz on 9 months ago:

    cool :D

    PS : do u smoke? ohh sure u dont lah kan. heheh

  • Shane Rascal

    Shane Rascal on 9 months ago:

    Run Aziluz: Secret...XD

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  • Submitted date: 30/05/2011
  • Average rating: 2.34 / 3
  • Total votes: 38