Gilbert Juan

Gilbert Juan says:

"The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul." ~Walter Raleigh


  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 3 months ago:

    Want to see how it might look on a t-shirt? Check here: http://goo.gl/UCwMj

    p|s: I hope you guys like it.

  • melongray

    melongray on 3 months ago:

    bro, your link doesn't work

  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 3 months ago:

    are you sure cause i click it like 10 times.. anyway go to my page www.facebook.com/wkeclothing

  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 3 months ago:

    Everyone: One more thing guys, please don't vote RUBBISH cause it take a lot of work.. i don't mind if you kind of hate it for whatever reason you have.. at least you can do is vote CONFUSED.

  • fsrlism

    fsrlism on 2 months ago:

    as for me... the pilot head and controller should be enough already without the two airplane on top but overall the vector looks awesome

  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 2 months ago:

    thanks #fsrlism.. actually i've tried it before and i don't really like the empty space that it gave me. So i try to add some typo into it but i not that good in typo. I change my mind and decide to make an airplane last minute actually.. really appreciate your comment.

  • Haqimmi Hakiem

    Haqimmi Hakiem on 2 months ago:


  • fahmi abdullah

    fahmi abdullah on 2 months ago:

    nice vector!! :)

  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 2 months ago:

    thank you for your comment #Haqimmi Hakiem and #fahmi abdullah.

  • rahimie

    rahimie on 1 month ago:

    hey i love it, u deserve no. 1. i cant imagine that im on 3rd. :D

  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 1 month ago:

    Terima kasih Rahimie.. takpe kali ni nasib aku mana tahu lain kali ko yang no 1.

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