Wayne Rooney : Pride | Manchester is Red by Steven Tan

Wayne Rooney : Pride | Manchester is Red
Steven Tan

Steven Tan says:

We talking about football here, no others :)


  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 2 years ago:

    very nice, this will look super striking in red!

  • Social Media Guru

    Social Media Guru on 2 years ago:

    no others means hookers? :P

  • Fairuz Azim

    Fairuz Azim on 1 year ago:

    hey bro, I was expecting some giggsy designs from u! :)

  • faizulOmma

    faizulOmma on 1 year ago:

    nice gradient lookalike..

  • ruhal

    ruhal on 1 year ago:

    Giggs is the best idol

  • Amirol Asraf

    Amirol Asraf on 1 year ago:

    simple & nice!

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