Well, it's better than lame plain white t's.. by Suzie Sulaiman

Well, it's better than lame plain white t's..
Suzie Sulaiman

Suzie Sulaiman says:

The tittle already explained everything about the design. Isn't it? =)


  • asyraf

    asyraf on 3 months ago:


  • Suzie Sulaiman

    Suzie Sulaiman on 3 months ago:

    thank you cik asyraf =)..

  • shuqi

    shuqi on 3 months ago:

    afta this gamba ibum plak..woot2~~

  • raydza reys

    raydza reys on 3 months ago:

    this want i like :)

  • faizulOmma

    faizulOmma on 2 months ago:

    semaattt....kena dengan mesej..

  • Ozy Dozzy

    Ozy Dozzy on 3 weeks ago:

    we all think alike!!! all designers will always find a way to cheat design. =D i love doing this kind of thing,. LOVE IT!

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