Malaysian Favourite Past Time by Fairuz Nordin

Malaysian Favourite Past Time
Fairuz Nordin

Fairuz Nordin says:

This is a tribute for the greatest flip flop ever made (Selipar Jepun aka Selipar Tat Sing). Children of the eighties would definitely remember this game. It's the throw the flip flop game (main baling selipar).


  • kopi ice brew

    kopi ice brew on 6 months ago:

    Nice :)

  • Pablo

    Pablo on 6 months ago:

    god knows how many pair of these i've owned
    i love the 80s!

  • Social Media Guru

    Social Media Guru on 6 months ago:

    this is superb, retro stuff!

  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 6 months ago:

    this sure beats CROCs right?

  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 6 months ago:

    fairuz, how about a change of wording, Tat Sing or Crocs? or Tat Sing slapping a crocodile (crocs) ? I'm sure first line up to buy it. :)

  • Fairuz Nordin

    Fairuz Nordin on 6 months ago:

    Adrian : Great idea, i'll sketch up something soon.
    SMG,Pablo, KiB : Thanks man, children of the 80s! rules! hehe

  • Mohamad Fauzan Hazri Bin Bidin

    Mohamad Fauzan Hazri Bin Bidin on 6 months ago:!

  • fredy firdaus

    fredy firdaus on 6 months ago:

    hahahaa..:)) SUperBB!!

  • Fendy Radzi

    Fendy Radzi on 6 months ago:

    hello guys. i like this design..its pretty cool..
    but i'm keep wondering how come rekatee admin approved this.. is it more than 8 colors right ??
    sorry if i'm wrong..just curious.. :)

  • RekaTee

    RekaTee on 6 months ago:

    Hi Fendy, you are right it's more than 8 colors. But we do approve because it's nice! :)

    We intend to print this and contacted Fairuz to minimize the number of colors.

    Still can't get hold of him so Fairuz, if you see this, please contact us at, thanks!

  • Fairuz Nordin

    Fairuz Nordin on 6 months ago:

    Thank for all the comment,

    I'm in process to beautify this illustration and making it into the rekatee's spec and standard. This design was actually a simple design i made few months ago for fun, just wanted to add into rekatee if have luck. Anyway i'll revise it, stay tuned for more design. Thanks for supporting.

  • RekaTee

    RekaTee on 6 months ago:

    Thanks Fairuz for taking your time to revise it.

    Guys and girls, check out the revised version here:

  • hurine

    hurine on 5 months ago:

    i love it!!

  • alleef

    alleef on 4 months ago:


  • muhamad hafiz bin mahmod

    muhamad hafiz bin mahmod on 2 months ago:

    like dis damn much..realy want it..c0s it sh0w da true malaysian lifestyle in da past..=)

  • Harry Jay Clement

    Harry Jay Clement on 1 month ago:

    really nice.. i love it

  • Mohamad Faiz Abd Aziz

    Mohamad Faiz Abd Aziz on 1 month ago:

    super cool!

  • ruhal

    ruhal on 1 month ago:

    Back to "Zaman Nakal"

  • nur qistina izzani

    nur qistina izzani on 3 weeks ago:

    love the game so much..

  • Hanif

    Hanif on 2 weeks ago:

    Real malaysian taste.. very nostalgic.. hehe

  • Zulhilmi Zainudin

    Zulhilmi Zainudin on 3 days ago:

    traditional retro !

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