Sky juice by melongray

Sky juice

melongray says:

Its sky in a juice cup


  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 1 year ago:

    Amazing.. nice and clean..

  • RekaTee

    RekaTee on 1 year ago:

    Gotta agree with Gilbert, great stuffs Fitry!

  • Khairul Ridhwan

    Khairul Ridhwan on 1 year ago:

    Great minimalist design!good job pal..make your friend proud..always support you! ;)

  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 1 year ago:

    very nice. dedicated to those folks like to order skyjuice at restaurants.

  • mohd nor azmi

    mohd nor azmi on 1 year ago:

    nice dude!

  • ahmad

    ahmad on 1 year ago:

    i loike noice

  • jie

    jie on 1 year ago:

    ho ho ho cool ~

  • syamsul

    syamsul on 1 year ago:

    what a master piece of art!keep it up nor! i love it.

  • augustine aloysius

    augustine aloysius on 1 year ago:

    air sejuk satu adalah paling murah dekat mana2 restaurant makanan!!!!
    yeahhhhhhh nice one!!!!
    save water! drink sky juice ^^

  • Azfar

    Azfar on 1 year ago:

    wadde art! so nice fitry

  • shiela

    shiela on 1 year ago:

    nice 1!

  • Myesarah Halim

    Myesarah Halim on 1 year ago:

    Cooool. Hope it gets printed! :)

  • melongray

    melongray on 1 year ago:

    Thanks everyone who voted for this design.

  • jiaveen

    jiaveen on 1 year ago:

    so cute~~

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast on 1 year ago:


  • zacky mokhtar

    zacky mokhtar on 1 year ago:

    creative and cute. digging this

  • Lim Sue Ann

    Lim Sue Ann on 1 year ago:

    Loving it ! :)

  • anis faizah

    anis faizah on 11 months ago:

    like n love it. :)

  • Ahmad Asyraf

    Ahmad Asyraf on 11 months ago:

    really love it...:D

  • Harry Jay Clement

    Harry Jay Clement on 11 months ago:

    wow... amazing... really love it

  • Nazrul Izwan Razalan

    Nazrul Izwan Razalan on 11 months ago: juice 1!

  • Zompi Boc

    Zompi Boc on 11 months ago:

    go this link and take a look ..
    if u like my design gv some support pls.. thx...^^

  • Azrul

    Azrul on 10 months ago:

    Owh wow! love this one!

  • melongray

    melongray on 10 months ago:

    Great response!! a big thank you to everyone who voted and left comments! =D

  • Indra

    Indra on 10 months ago:

    good one

  • Nicholas Wong Sooi Hoo

    Nicholas Wong Sooi Hoo on 8 months ago:

    Comments : The design is creative enough with good colour combination and concept! :) Thumbs up!

    Nicholas Wong
    DK Leather Seats Sdn Bhd
    Industrial Designer
    E-mail :

  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 6 months ago:

    We are working on a deal, if you wear this tee, walk to any mamak or kopitiam, sky juice is FREE!! (then you can imagine this will be the top selling tee in Malaysia...)

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