That Design We Love by Kean Hui

That Design We Love
Kean Hui

Kean Hui says:

My design’s concept and idea is coming from a kid, who imagines that what was in her mind and she probably painted the ideas she got in her mind on a clear white wall.


  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 4 months ago:

    kids nowadays think about iphone & ipad too ya. LOL nice one. i give it a 3/3.

  • Stieq Printing Masters

    Stieq Printing Masters on 4 months ago:

    Finally ! A great design ! Great color,wonderful concept,originality conceived ! i would buy this one. 3/3for you

  • Kean Hui

    Kean Hui on 4 months ago:

    Thank You.

  • shubashini suzana

    shubashini suzana on 3 months ago:

    nice over all

  • Muhammad Haziq Bin Zulkeple

    Muhammad Haziq Bin Zulkeple on 3 months ago:


  • Eugene

    Eugene on 3 months ago:

    I loved the whole 'kid' kind of design. something i would buy and wear.. :)

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast on 3 months ago:

    Colourful and cute doodling there :) Love it

  • Gilbert Juan

    Gilbert Juan on 3 months ago:

    vote 2

  • Khairul Amar

    Khairul Amar on 3 months ago:

    This is all we call a design :)

  • anis faizah

    anis faizah on 2 months ago:

    like it. :)

  • Cripplecat

    Cripplecat on 2 months ago:

    wow i like this one

  • Harry Jay Clement

    Harry Jay Clement on 2 months ago:

    really2 nice.. i love it

  • Kean Hui

    Kean Hui on 2 months ago:

    thank you.

  • Zompi Boc

    Zompi Boc on 2 months ago:

    go this link and take a look ..
    if u like my design gv some support or comment pls.. thx...^^

  • Made Anka Asril

    Made Anka Asril on 1 month ago:

    Nice! Love the palette you chose..

  • Kean Hui

    Kean Hui on 1 month ago:

    Thank You

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  • Submitted date: 10/01/2011
  • Average rating: 2.04 / 3
  • Total votes: 76