art fight by omawrozduan

art fight

omawrozduan says:

art is hard and life itself is art


  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 2 years ago:

    does it mean life is hard? :)

  • omawrozduan

    omawrozduan on 2 years ago:

    maybe :)

  • fathimah nur

    fathimah nur on 2 years ago:

    i like it ! i want more. can or not? hehehe

  • Lisacred

    Lisacred on 2 years ago:

    cool. voted.

  • fuszters

    fuszters on 2 years ago:

    one vote for me yeah!

  • ahmat faisc zhaki

    ahmat faisc zhaki on 2 years ago:


  • dundunkacak

    dundunkacak on 2 years ago:

    everything is art~~ :D 1 vote for u~ :D

  • Wong Yeng Kit

    Wong Yeng Kit on 2 years ago:

    This one is cool :D, one vote from me :-)

  • Razak

    Razak on 1 year ago:

    Nice, 1 Vote from Me!!!,, Keep it up.

  • jialexnovyro

    jialexnovyro on 1 year ago:

    artis, sila bergerak dgn ART suka ^^

  • omawrozduan

    omawrozduan on 1 year ago:

    thanks for your votes.
    i'm really appreciate it :)

  • Pablo

    Pablo on 1 year ago:


  • nurulezzaty

    nurulezzaty on 1 year ago:


  • murni basri

    murni basri on 1 year ago:

    omaw!ku da vote ko.hehe.

  • ilham bin yahaya

    ilham bin yahaya on 1 year ago:

    ilham dah vote2

  • RekaTee

    RekaTee on 1 year ago:

    This is a 3 from us, Omaw keep up the good work!

  • omawrozduan

    omawrozduan on 1 year ago:

    thanks! thanks :)

  • nadzirul afif

    nadzirul afif on 1 year ago:

    you got my vote

  • Ainil

    Ainil on 1 year ago:


  • Pert Doherty

    Pert Doherty on 1 year ago:

    i have vote!!!

  • RekaTee

    RekaTee on 1 year ago:

    Art fight is winning design by the very talented bro omaw rozduan! It's without doubt one of the best printed tee on nice, comfy and cooling material. wear it, live life as an art. will ya!?

    order it now at

  • Zubairi

    Zubairi on 1 year ago:

    cute lor...

  • azman salim

    azman salim on 1 year ago:


  • Taram Vishnu

    Taram Vishnu on 1 year ago:


  • Joan Danielle Hong

    Joan Danielle Hong on 1 year ago:

    love this! :)

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