noodle by omawrozduan


omawrozduan says:

eat me! eat me!


  • jialexnovyro

    jialexnovyro on 1 year ago:

    Another cool design from oma. heee

  • omawrozduan

    omawrozduan on 1 year ago:

    thanks lot jia :)

  • adrian oh

    adrian oh on 1 year ago:

    happy noodle? kim chi mee, cintan or maggi mee?

  • Topek Astanzas

    Topek Astanzas on 1 year ago:


  • ahmat faisc zhaki

    ahmat faisc zhaki on 1 year ago:

    i love this =)
    1 vote for sure

  • omawrozduan

    omawrozduan on 1 year ago:

    thanks all :))

  • nadzirul afif

    nadzirul afif on 1 year ago:

    totally wear this, cute, stylish and yummy. chikichoc friend!

  • Ainil

    Ainil on 1 year ago:


  • Lea Shariff

    Lea Shariff on 1 year ago:

    Saia Suka!

  • Jefferson NG

    Jefferson NG on 1 year ago:

    *eat eat* but so thick... udon mee?? haha

  • Jeganraaj Periasamy

    Jeganraaj Periasamy on 1 year ago:

    nice design... creative and it sure will attract people :)

  • omawrozduan

    omawrozduan on 1 year ago:

    thanks for voting people!

  • Hade Kamil

    Hade Kamil on 1 year ago:

    Cayalah omaw ^^'

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  • Submitted date: 17/10/2010
  • Average rating: 1.93 / 3
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