Extremelyshane aka Shane Rascal

Shane Rascal

: 15 APR 2011
: Male
: Malaysia

Hi, I'm Shane from Malaysia.
Currently work as a Freelance Graphic Designer.
I design almost everything, but doesn't mean I like everything
Well, I love Digital Art and I love Vector Illustration.
I love Cartoon and Animation.



Shane Rascal's activity

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28-08-2012 10:32pm Vote a design - Go Green
28-08-2012 9:13pm Submit a design - Go Green
25-08-2012 12:11am Vote a design - Music is Movement
05-08-2012 11:32pm Comment a design - hell crazy brain
29-07-2011 1:09am Comment a design - Recycle Octopus
19-07-2011 12:44pm Comment a design - Monster Family
15-07-2011 4:14pm Has a design printed - Inside Cigarette
13-07-2011 11:07pm Comment a design - Happy Rabbit
09-07-2011 3:25pm Comment a design - surf
25-06-2011 2:22am Comment a design - Inside Cigarette